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Sotano Studio collaborated with the French company CJCJ on these innovative planters for orange trees, palms, laurels, citrus, magnolias…. 

Those planters existed in Versailles since Louis XIV for his exotic trees; they were originally designed by Le Nôtre in cast iron and wood and were demountable in order to access and cut once a year the roots.

outdoor---sweet-tangerine sotano studio

CJCJ has developed the same concept in a new material: Ductal® the ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC). Sotano Studio was in charge of the design and exploited Ductal’s special characteristics to create this modern reinterpretation of the orange tree box.

outdoor---sweet-tangerine sotano studio


outdoor---spicy-tangerine sotano studio

More info: www.cjcj.fr


Sweet Tangerine & Spicy Tangerine

Client: CJCJ