We are excited to show you our new image, logo and website.

Images speak for themselves.
With this sturdy idea in mind, we took out all the superfluous and just focused on the essential: pictures of our work.
sotano_Studio_Signature_Shapes_5Our logo plays with the letter S, referring to the initials of Sotano Studio and our claim Signature Shapes.
It reflects the origin, the geometry and the process that involves constructing a project.

Our claim ´Signature Shapes´ define what we do: where ´Shapes´ stands for Volume, Packaging, Graphics, POS, Cosmetics and Product – and how we do it: ´Signature´ stands for Surprising, Singular, Successful, Sensuous, Skilful.
But let’s allow the images speak for themselves and have a nice tour on our new website!


Sotano Studio New Identity