Signorina Ferragamo Christmas 2014_Mega Outpost Sotano Studio

New Merchandising guidelines for Signorina Eleganza, Signorina Eau De Parfum & Signorina Eau de Toilette.

We designed the new scenary for Signorina Christmas 2014 , inspired by the theme  “Wrap Christmas up in a bow“.

Signorina Ferragamo Christmas 2014 Big Area Sotano StudioBig Promo Area

¨Signorina looks across the room, her eyes dancing past the ribbons of flames rising from the log fire. Outside the snow falls softly. She tries to keep her eyes away from the pyramid of presents, each one finished with a decorative bow to keep her from peeking inside. Signorina rises and pirouettes around the room. Anticipating the night to come, soon to be filled with the laughter and happiness of friends this Christmas Eve, she dances around the gifts at her feet. Caressing the decadent boxes she teases the bows on top. Just one touch of the beautiful bows causes a sudden rush. The windows blow open rekindling the burning flames of the fire while the snow falls silently. The magic of the evening begins….¨


Signorina Ferragamo Christmas 2014 Window Sotano StudioWindow Display

Signorina Ferragamo Christmas 2014 Shelf Sotano Studio Shelf Decoration



Signorina Ferragamo Christmas 2014 Sotano StudioSnow Globe, Christmas Tree & Gondola


Signorina Merchandising 2014

Client: Salvatore Ferragamo