Agua Yekipe Joaquin Cortes Sotano Studio

Joaquín Cortés, the famous Spanish flamenco dancer, inspired two new fragrances: Agua de Yekipé Man and Agua de Yekipé Woman.

The two new fragrances contain the essence of emotions, feelings, and the personality of a universal innovator.

Joaquín Cortés is the embodiment of strength, provocation, attraction. His look seduces and bewitches, his sensual movements enthrall. He is sheer magnetism. He is a provocative artist who is able to fuse traditional flamenco with the most modern features of every culture.

He is passion and elegance, professionalism and perfectionism, tradition and culture. His spectacular performances have graced the world’s most important stages,

Sotano Studio designed the bottles, the secondary packaging and the bath line coffrets.

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Agua de Yékipé for Women & Men

Client: Joaquín Cortés