Kids furniture Foamtek design SotanoStudio

Kids Furniture Collection made of colorful coated foam.

Our Italian manufacturer is specialized in furniture made of high density foam with a polyurethane coating. The high quality of the product makes the products suitable for interior as well as exterior use.  Each piece is produced unitarily on demand which provides flexibility. It is possible to personalize by choosing out of a wide color range.  

Kid Furniture Foamtek design Sotano Studio

Kids furniture Foamtek design SotanoStudio



MY TREE: My Tree is a giant jigsaw puzzle, with a different function for each piece. Disassemble the tree and convert it into a little desk, two chairs, a blackboard and a small trunk for toys. Beside the puzzle is  teaching the kids how to order. When kids finish drawing or playing, the reconstruction of the tree make them playing again!



BIG MAMA: A mother elephant with her brood becomes a playful furniture set for children.


Kids furniture Foamtek design SotanoStudio

 Kid Furniture Foamtek design Sotano Studio


PUPPY: Kids will find endless possibilities of playing with Puppy: assemble and disassemble the giant jigsaw puzzle, ride the dog, make drawings on the desk or use the dog as a little bench.


kids furniture foametk design Sotano Studio
Endless fun!


More information about the products in the catalogue and at the webshop of the manufacturer.

Precios y información completa en el catalogó y en la tienda online del fabricante: Foamtek






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Kids Furniture

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