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Sotano Studio designed the latest Aigner fragrance: Aigner Nº1!

We created the bottle, the new logo, the packaging and finally the bathline.Aigner Number 1 Pack Sotano Studio

Aigner Nº 1 was the first Aigner masculine fragrance launched in 1975.

Aigner Nº 1 was a composition of woody, leathery and spicy aromas which created a true representation of all that was masculine in that era. A fragrance in tune with the 70’s man.

Aigner Number 1 first design 1975

We have now taken the best of the classic German fragrance and created a modern interpretation for today’s generation.

Aigner Number 1 Volume Sotano Studio

The Bottle

The bottle is an interpretation of the original Nº1 launched in 1975, a modern, strong bottle which captures the character of the scent.

The Cap

The cap, inspired by a Aigner bracelet,  features the distinctive Aigner horseshoe wrapped in a metalized heavy weight cap.

Aigner Number 1 Mood board Sotano Studio

The Packaging

Luxurious and classic, the Aigner Nº 1 packaging with its textured effect represents the modern Aigner brand.

Shades of grey and charcoal have been chosen with an orange emphasis on the Aigner logo which blends with the textured finish. This produces a stunning package which will appeal to the successful man of today.

Aigner Aigner Number 1 Pack Sotano Studio for men

 Number 1 Aigner Sotano Studio Bath Line

 Aigner-Number 1 bath line Sotano Studio



Aigner Nº1

Client: Aigner